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New version of Autopatch how-to

‎ Table of Contents 1. A quick intro 2. Prerequisites 3. Configuring Asterisk 3.1. modules.conf 3.2. rpt.conf 3.3. sip.conf 3.4. extensions.conf 3.5. simpleusb.conf 3.6. Next steps… 28Sept2022 Building an AutoPatch. It's still useful! 1. A quick intro I live on the rural northern California coast. As technology has marched on, and AT&T has been allowed to let all the copper communications lines fall into disrepair and failure, we find ourselves dependent on a very fragile infrastructure. In our case, hundreds of miles of coast are connected inland by a single fiber run. All land lines, cell phones, and network connections from various providers tie into this single point. And it's failed, taken out by a truck hitting a single pole on a secondary road, causing all communications to fail. No 911, no internet. And we've had smaller outages since, when construction folks dug into local communications lines, isolating smaller numb

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